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Vol. VI.
Numb. 47
[ «85 ]
British Nation.
Œ&lttflWf, July 21. 1709.
IHare given my Reasons, whether they
please yon or no, Why, we may, with
Safety to oar Commerce, and real
Advantage to the Colonies themselves,
send any Number of People to our Planta-
tions on the Continent of Anerict •
I am now, according to my propos'd Me-
thed, to tell you, why you cannot do so to
our Island Colonies, which some People are
mighty fond of, regarding rather their
Zeal to be rid of the present Burthen, as
they would have it be thought, of the Re-
fugees, now upon our Hands, than cither
the Good of the poor People, or of the
Colonies to whom they would fend them.
We are to consider our Islands in two
Capacities. 1. As to their maintaining the
Inhabitants that lettle there; and, 2. At to
the Labour of the Poor among them.
As to the Maintenance of the People, it
is evident in all our Island Colonies, the
Inhabitants are subsisted by their Trade,
not by their Produce—— I do not say, the
Soil is not fruitful enough to subsist its In.
habitants—But the Produce of the Soil,
being much more valuable than the bare
Necessaries for Subsistence of the People
would be, is apply'd to Commerce) and it
is wen worth their while to take up their
Land, in the planting such Fruits as will
export to Englthd, and fell for a great
Price; and then with Part of the Money of
that Produce purchase Corn, Cattle, and all
Sorts os Provilion.