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Just Publish'd,
ANew Description of the World, de-
lineating Europe, Asia, Africa, and
America; with a Map and Tables of the
Empires) Kingdoms, Provinces, and Cities
therein, together with a Chronological and
Historical Account of the Emperors, Kings,
Princes, Governments, Religion, Langua-
ges, Customs, Commodities, Revolutions,
and Rareties thereof. The second Edition*
By H. Curson, Cent. Sold by ?. Wtoivari,
In S:.Ck»it:opters Church-Yard, in Thread-
Just published,
6XU*ckery Unmasl£d: Or, Reflecti-
om oa the sixth Edition of}At.Mtnm'%
Treatise of the Venereal Disuse, and its
Appendix \ and the Pamphlet cau'd, Tie
Cbtriublt Surgeon, Cr. Containing a fall
and plain Detection and Refutation of some
![ross Errors, Vc, of those Authora; Inter-
pers'd with many ne w and useful Observa-
tion! concerning tbe Venereal Dijttje 5 and
the Method and-Medkinea proper forJts
speedy, safe and effeftual Core. Proper
Remarks on Mr. Worth's Admirable Medi-
ciae, and hisiafaUibU Prefa.»^t»ve. Kfull
and true Accout of Quacks, and their Me-
thod of Prattiee. An Account of some ex-
cellent Medicines, Cfr. Highly necessary
to be read by all VnerealPatie*ts,who would
prevent their own Ruin
Ptactit iooer in Ph ylick and $1
Printed Hid Sold by i>. .Mr,
Temple-Bar; G.Straban, at
in, CmntiBL$. VPofdnatd'm
Qurch Tafd -nv Urea
'at', the ^rrr^fft T
BARTLETT's Inventions for the
Core of Raptures, which havegain'd
ao Universal Esteem, are now, yet farther
Improv'd to se great a Nicety, that one
of his S tees Spring Trusses of tbe largest
Size, seldom Exceeds 4 ounces in Weight,
and one of the smallest rarely exceeds a
quarter of an Ounce, wad are so well a-
daptcd to the shapes of human Bodies,
that they are extraordinary easy even to
New-bora Infants, and Intirely keep
up the Ruptures of what Bigness soever.
Also divers Instruments to help the Weak
and Crooked. By P. Bartlettat the Golden
Ball by the Ship Tavern in PreCcot-Street
in Goodmans Fields, London.
N. B. .His Mother, the Widow of tbe late
Mr. Christ e-pber Banlitt, lives'at tbe Place
above-mention'd, and is very skilful in the
Business of her own Sex.
fWce-T*.} i7t&.
rp H"E Famous LOZENGES, betng effe-
ritual in ah1 Scorbutick Cafe,; they ease
Paint in th< Head and Stomach, cause a good
■e^tejjpn/ifie.the Blood, and g»ve speedy
...Jenit Rheumatism;, Drops!*, and Gout,
and totally destroy the very Seed os Worms.
nLL. - :a - . j . c 11 -
ijtf aliVafter-the Swali-Pof, Mealies,
i, CMd-bearing, and ar* a more general
.diartick Medieioe than toy vet krfown. .
Apothecary, at
M *