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thu- the Lttnenbtvgbers and Prussian hold
the Ballance now, between the Imperial
Commission and the,City of Hamburgh.
In the same manner, when this-Warlhan
end, and Trgnet be brought to a Condition
to give Europe no more Disturbs nee; a just
Constitution form'd "upon the Foot of this
Confederacy might for ever answer for the
Peace of this Part of the World; they may
give Laws to all the Powers and States of
Christendom, for they will hate a'superloT
Power in their Hands to enforce those
Perhaps this may pass for a wild Thought
of mine, and I confess, it is new and undi-
gested ; but I refer it to the Consideration
of those, in Whose Hands thePowWof 'bet-
ter modelling this Thought lie^ whether
they have hot now the' only Oppbrttfnity,
that ever Providence ersfroftpd witb'lnan-
kmd to make sore the Peace of all this Part
pf Eurcpe, as long as the World shall last;
and if it be neglected, let them answer for
h that ought to have improv.'d it.
toMt' '11 11 f • . i r- , ,.
awt \y t it ats isr rs.
Just pnSnuYrf,'
The s c tft s kJ)UiArjys
Examiu'd,» Or,-t"» Case of,the
Efijcaptl DffeUfiri in Scotland fiated, and
the late Treatment of them in the City of
Edinburgh enqnir'd into: With a brief
Examination into the Reasonableness of the
grievous Complaint of PerfetutUn in Stot-
lund, and j Defence of the Magistrates of
Mdingburgb, in their Procedingi there:
Being some Remarks on a late Pamphlet,
Entitled, J Narrative tftbe late Treatmem
of tbe Episcopal Ministers within tbe City o)
Edinburgh, (ft. Sold by A. Baldwin in
Just puMiuYd,
QUackeryUnma^d: Of, Rcflccti-
oni on the sixth Edition of Mr. Mvtin't
"Treatise of the Venereal Disuse, and Its
Appendix; and the Pamphlet caD'd, Tbe
CbtriubleSurgeon, CSV. Containing a full
and plain Detection and Res .tat ion of some
gross Errors, CJr. of those Authors: Inter-
(pera'd with many new and useful Observa-
tions concerning tbe Venereal Disease; and
the Method and Medicines proper far its
speedy, safe and effectual Cure. Proper
Remark; on Mr. Martin's Admirable Medi-
cine, and his infallible Preservative. A full
and true Accoiut of gutekt, and their Me-
thod of Practice. An Account of some ex-
cellent Medicines, CSV. Highly necessary
to be read by all Venereal Pat ients, who would
prevent-theirown Ruin, and by aO Physi-
cians,, Surgeons, and Apothecaries, who
are here vindicated from Mr. Martin'*
Aspersions. By SPJN^_E, Licent'd
Practitioner in Phylick and Surgery. Lenddn
Printed and. Sold by D. Brown, without
Temple-Bar ,G.Strthan, it tbe Golden-Bil!
ip CornhiU 5 J. Woodward in St. Christophers
Church Yard in Thrcadnccdk- Street;
B. Barber at the White-Hart in iVestninster-
\ ffaB; and the Author at his House, at the
Golden-Ball, between the Sun and Castle
Taverns in Honey Lane-Market, Cbeepfiie.
(Price it.) 1709.;
TFTE Famous LOZENGES, being effe-
ctual in alt Scorbutick Cafes; they cafe
Paios in;the Head and Stomach, cause a good
Appetite, purisie the Blood, and give speedy
Relief in Rheumatisms, Dropiie, and Gout,
and totally destroy the very Son} of Worms.'
They: cure Agues and Fmn of all Sorts,
give present Ease in the Qtolick, Stone and
Gravel, cleanse the Body after hard.Orink-
a; as also* after the Small-Pox, Measles,
Child-bearing,-and are a more general
Gathartick Medicine than any yet known.
Prepar'd only by R. Owner, Apothecary, at
tka Pestle and Mortar, in EjlSmithfiMJ.